6 Hidden Features in Vibrio

We designed Vibrio to be simple to use, but also packed with features for advanced lighting designers. Check out some of the less known features below to improve your programming and shows.

Tile Options

Ever needed to duplicate, delete, or customize a scene tile? The Tile Options button in the Show Screen will present these advanced options. After selecting a scene or sequence, you’ll see the Tile Options button in the bottom right. The sidebar will slide open and can be swiped closed when you’re finished!

Attribute Popup

Editing scenes can be tedious, so we’ve built some tools to help you out. Underneath an attribute fader, tap on the name to show an additional menu. Here you can type, increment, decrement, copy, or paste the DMX value. This is especially useful to fine-tune your values or quickly copy to another scene.

Scene Layering

If you haven’t stumbled across Scene Layering yet, it could change the way you use Vibrio. Go to the settings to turn this feature on/off. With Scene Layering on, multiple scene tiles can run simultaneously, using a Last Takes Precedence method. This is useful if your scenes are programmed to overlay or only include specific fixtures. With Scene Layering off, only one scene or sequence will play at a time, and all others will automatically fade out.

Sequence Tap Tempo

So you’ve made your first sequence, but it doesn’t change scenes to the beat. That’s where the Tap Tempo comes in. Select your sequence and press the Tempo button on the right sidebar. By tapping the the BPM number a few times, you’ll see it update to your rate. Finally, press the Use BPM button to override the default tempo with your custom rate. This is a great feature for on the fly shows.


Custom Fixture Groups

Custom groups allow you to apply effects to a specific set of fixtures, and will help with faster scene programming. Go to the Fixtures tab to set this up. When selecting a fixture and switching from showing Attributes to Groups, you’ll notice some default groups have been created for each fixture type. Feel free to create your own custom groups here and include the appropriate fixtures. These newly added groups can be used while editing your scenes or applying effects.

Safe Mode

Need a volunteer or inexperienced user to run your show with limited features? We’ve made Safe Mode for just the occasion. This can be turned on in the Settings tab, and will hide the Edit button and Tile Options.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the advanced features. Let us know if you have any questions or ideas to improve Vibrio!

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